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Sumac Berries grow on a bush and the berries turn bright red in the fall. The Sumac used in culinary applications is grown in the Middle East and is the Rhus coriaria species. It should not be confused with its similar looking, but poisonous North American relative. Ground Sumac imparts a sourness to dishes. It is often used in Middle Eastern dishes in the ways that lemon or vinegar would be used by Western cooks.

Suggested Uses

Sprinkle Ground Sumac on fish, chicken or salads. Add it to marinades and salad dressings or use as a rub for meats prior to grilling. Makes a wonderful light sauce when mixed with strained yogurt.

Basic Preparation

There is no preparation needed for ground sumac.

Recipe: Sumac Salad


2 Tomatoes, chopped.

3 Lebanese cucumbers, sliced (or 1 1/2 English cucumbers)

1 Red onion thinly sliced.

3 tbsps. 1890 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 tbsps. 1890 Ground Sumac

3/4 tsp 1890 Coarse Sea Salt

1/2 tsp 1890 Ground Black Pepper



1.Toss all ingredients into a large salad bowl.

2.Mix dressing and then toss with salad vegetables.

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