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Cuban Mojo Spice Blend

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The classic Cuban style of mojo balances sweet garlic and onion flavors with the spicy heat of chiles and the sharp, almost bitter citrus flavors of Seville oranges. Cuban mojo often contains oregano or other herbs alongside a bit of cooking oil (sometimes olive oil, but any neutral cooking oil) to tie the flavors of the sauce together. It is frequently served as a condiment for fried starchy vegetables like plantains and yucca, or used as a marinade for pork.

Our Cuban Mojo Spice Blend was created to showcase the well-balanced blend of pungent garlic, spicy chiles and citrusy orange flavors that are the signature flavor of Cuban mojo sauce. We’ve carefully blended it from two kinds of garlic, orange peel and habanero chile powder. This dry seasoning blend can be sprinkled over finished foods before serving or used to season raw foods before cooking.

  • Use as a rub to season meat, especially pork or poultry, before grilling or pan-frying
  • Adds great flavor to cooked starchy vegetables, so sprinkle over potato chips, sweet potato fries, tostones, etc.

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