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Five Spice Powder

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Product Details

NF Five Spice PowderFive Spice Powder is a blend of traditional Oriental spices used in Chinese cooking. Five Spice Powder includes a blend of Star Anise, Red or Black Peppercorns, Cassia (A.K.A. Cinnamon), Fennel and Clove. The blending of these spices offers a sweet, savory, and pungent flavor. This spice blend should be cooked for a relatively long amount of time in order to bring out the complex flavors. In ancient Chinese lore, the universe is composed of five elements: wood, metal, water, fir and earth. The ingredients of Five Spice Powder represent the five elements of the earth, creating a harmonious blend. Just as the elements of the universe were carefully balanced, so too did the elements of civil life have to be harmonized. In the preparation of food especially, the proper fivefold relationships had to be created and maintained.

Suggested Uses

Five Spice Powder combines spices and herbs to heighten the five basic flavors of Chinese cooking— sweet, sour, bitter pungent and salty. Long a staple in traditional Chinese recipes, try using our Five Spice Powder to season hearty, meaty foods. It’s great in sauces, marinades and rubs for beef, pork, poultry or even seafood. Rub on chicken or duck before roasting to add a spicy-sweet flavor.

Basic Preparation

Use sparingly - the flavor is very potent. Add to recipes as called for. When used in sauces, simmer for a few minutes to allow the flavors to blend. This spice blend should be cooked for a relatively long amount of time in order to bring out the complex flavors

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