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Zahtar is an authentic Middle Eastern mix of herbs and spices, featuring sumac, thyme, oregano, sesame seeds and salt. We combine the same premium spices we sell whole for an herb blend that is ideal for, rubs, spreads and marinades.

  • Slightly tart, herbaceous flavor
  • Light to dark green, beige and brown
  • Irregularly sized flakes of dried herbs

Suggested Uses

  • Mix with olive oil to make a savory spread for flatbread or pita
  • Add to marinades for meat
  • Whisk into salad dressings
  • Mix with mayonnaise or yogurt for a vibrant sandwich spread
  • Sprinkle on hummus

Basic Preparation

Ready to use. Add to taste.


Labneh with Zahtar

2 cups yogurt, plain

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 1/2 teaspoon Zahtar

Cut a piece of cheesecloth or a muslin towel to 12”x12”.

Place the cloth over a strainer and pour the yogurt into the cloth.

Add the salt and Zahtar and stir lightly with a spoon.

Fold the corners of the cloth to the center and tie together with string.

The cloth should be well sealed so as not to leak. Place a heavy plate on the bag and put the strainer

in a larger bowl to capture the draining liquid, refrigerate.

Depending on the preferred firmness, the mixture can be left for up to 3 days.

Yield: 1 1/2- 1 cup

Zahtar is an authentic Middle Eastern mix of herbs and spices, featuring sumac, thyme, oregano and

sesame seeds. The flavors will shine in this easy to make Lebanese yogurt that is delicious on bread

or as a sandwich spread.

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