Black Truffle Sea Salt

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Our Black Truffle Sea Salt blends Mediterranean sea salt with black summer truffles to create a complex, delicious seasoning with an earthy, intoxicating truffle aroma that adds flavor and depth.

  • Fine-textured white sea salt with specks of brown truffle throughout
  • Complements dishes featuring cream, butter, mild cheeses, eggs, rice and pasta

Suggested Uses

  • Sprinkle over seared scallops, mild-flavored fish or sushi
  • Great in risotto and creamy pastas
  • Add to cream sauces or red meat marinades
  • Shake over French fries, baby new potatoes or even buttered popcorn
  • Add to pâtés and other forcemeats
  • Mix into egg dishes or sprinkle over scrambled eggs

Basic Preparation

Ready to use. No preparation necessary.

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