Citrus & Ginger Spice Rub

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Created by Woodland Foods Culinary Department as a timesaver for seafood, poultry or pork, Citrus & Ginger Spice Blend is a unique, hand blended mixture of lemon, lime and orange peels, ginger, sea salt, honey, coconut sugar, garlic, onion, star anise and soy sauce. It is citrusy, with a warm pungent flavor of ginger, meant to enhance the flavor of fish and pork.

Suggested Uses

Citrus & Ginger Spice Blend is a slightly sweet, slightly spicy combination blending lemon, lime and orange citrus peels with ginger and other spices. Use it to season seafood or poultry or to bring a refreshing zing to vinaigrette, aioli or dips. Try it as a rub before grilling or broiling white fish, tuna or pork.

Basic Preparation

Ready to use. Lightly oil meat or fish, then rub in Citrus & Ginger Spice Blend.

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