Hickory Steak Seasoning

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Our Hickory Steak Seasoning provides the perfect balance of salt, sweet and hickory smoke to give steaks a smoke-kissed flavor, whether cooking on charcoal, gas or even the stovetop.

  • Contains a blend of salty, sweet and mildly hot spices with hickory smoke flavor
  • One tablespoon seasons a pound of meat or vegetables

Suggested Uses

  • For smoke-kissed flavor, use Hickory Seasoning as a marinade or dry rub
  • Sprinkle on grilled vegetables, baked potatoes or even French fries to add bold flavor

Basic Preparation

Ready to use. Add to taste.


NY Strip with Hickory Steak Seasoning

2 NY strip steaks, 1 1/2-2 inches thick

4 teaspoons Hickory Steak Seasoning

1 tablespoon canola oil

Heat a grill to a medium high temperature.

Rub the steaks evenly with Hickory Steak Seasoning and let them rest for 10 minutes at room


Use tongs to rub the grill down with oil that has been soaked into a disposable towel or rag.

Place the steaks on the grill a couple inches apart if possible this will avoid flare-ups.

Grill the steaks about 5-6 minutes per side. This will vary and a thermometer is recommended. 130°

-135° for a medium rare and 145°-150° for medium are popular for a NY strip steak.

Serves 2

Our Hickory Steal Seasoning is loaded with garlic, onion, black peppercorns and crushed red pepper.

Additionally hickory smoke flavor provides the extra boost that will make anything off the grill pop

with flavor.

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