Kalamata Reserve High Phenol EVOO

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* Limited.

Robust Intensity

Crush Date: October 2023

Country of origin: Greece

This limited production early Kalamata displays immediate peppery sensations at the back of the throat followed by lingering spice and pungency throughout the mouth. The combination of picking green, unripe Kalamata fruit and minimal processing resulted in high antioxidant content and more specifically, a very high concentration of Oleocanthal at 445 ppm. Flavor notes include wheatgrass, malt, and green apple.

Chemical Makeup

Polyphenols: 708

Oleic Acid: 74.64

FFA: 0.18

Peroxide: 2.49

DAGs: 90.0

Squalene: 5,249.0

A-Tocopherol: 420.6

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment

Fruitiness: 5.0



As measured at the time of crush.

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