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Shichimi Togarashi is a traditional seasoning from Japan meaning “seven flavor chile” and varies by region. Woodland Foods Culinary Department has hand crafted its own version by carefully handblending in small batches a perfectly balanced combination of the finest chiles and spices. Three types of chiles are included, one for heat and the other two for fruity-acidic notes. Also included is orange peel, black and white sesame seeds, toasted nori flakes, ginger and just a hint of sea salt to bring it all together. Shichimi togarashi is unusually spicy by Japanese standards, with a heat that's full and abrupt, but passes quickly. It has notes of citrus from the orange peel, a balanced heat from the selection of chiles, a pungency from the ginger and an earthiness of umami characteristics provided by the toasted nori flakes and sesame seeds. It is built on numerous flavors so it is classically used as a flavoring in rice dishes and nabemono, one pot dishes.

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Its multifaceted flavor works great as a flavoring in rice dishes, nabemono (one pot dishes), soups, udon noodles, yakitori, stir-frys and as a crust or seasoning on grilled beef, chicken and fish, especially tuna. It's also a popular tableside condiment in Japan, especially since it doesn't require toasting beforehand to bring out its full flavors. Excellent in marinades and sauces.

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