Smoked Peppercorn Sage Rub

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Our Smoked Peppercorn Sage Rub (H536) is a multi-purpose coarse-grain seasoning. Although any almost blend can be used, the coarser blends are particularly suited for rubs – they hold up well for slow-roasting, when long cooking times tend to kill the flavor of finely ground spices, and add wonderfully complex flavor when rubbed into meat and rested overnight before cooking. Mix it into a marinade, or rub it right on dry or with a little oil, and it’s ready to go! Our Smoked Peppercorn Sage Rub (H536) is prepared in small batches and is a hand-blended mixture of sea salt, sage, onion, paprika, oregano, garlic, smoked peppercorns, parsley, fennel and thyme.

Suggested Uses

  • Perfect for turkey, chicken and any game bird
  • Use for roasted pork loin, pork chops or slow-cooked pork shoulder
  • Add to stuffing, au gratin potatoes, or potato casserole
  • Rub into steaks and roasts

      Basic Preparation

      Use as is - no preparation required.

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